sometimes i feel the same

my love for punk rock music truly evolved during college.  in comparison to my peers, i was taking the road less traveled.  i was working full-time, taking five or six classes, living in a studio apartment in the city.  doing things on my own terms and music provided the backbone for that whirlwind time.  it was reckless but it was honest, and completely necessary.

the menzingers straight ahead, lets do our best to figure shit out style of punk was the type of music that kept me getting out of bed each morning back in the day.  hearing them for the first time about a year ago made me reach back to those days and smile. 

i don’t want to cliché it up with a springsteen reference here, but there’s the same sort of effortless, desire in a menzingers track as there is with the e street band.  don’t get me wrong, there not playing the same kind of music whatsoever, but the menzingers force you to feel that struggle through their urgency and emotion.  they play music that comes straight from the gut.  imagine the lawrence arms energy combined with bruce’s working man’s ethic, and you’re starting to get it. 

their second full length chamberlain waits topped lots of punk and indie best-of lists last year…go and get it, you won’t hate me for it.

click and check out the video for “i was born” dig it.

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