line em’ up.

have you ever seen the movie roadhouse?  swayze rips a dudes heart out.  seriously.  if you’ve seen it, you might remember the bar where those roughneck brawlers work.  the bands that are lucky enough to perform at that bar play in a chicken wire enclosed cage while the townsfolk drink, fight and steal chicks to the beat.

sherman oaks, california’s very own sons of jack are the type of band made for that chicken wire stage.  they play stripped down, balls out rock and roll tailor made for a long night out on the town.  they’re straight ahead take is refreshing.  they remind me of a young buckcherry, hungry and lean, without the bad tattoos and cliche coke references.

they’ve got a record on itunes called witness at the revival featuring a tremendous stomper called “waiting on your train”.  it’s one of those songs made for open road or the brimming flask.   i love the sound and the DIY feel of the record.  head over to itunes and give it a rip.

click below and check out their promo video for an upcoming show at the viper room in LA.

**editors note:  swayze did in fact rip out a mans throat, not his heart.  thank you josh, for once again proving that i, 9 times out of 10, am full of shit. 🙂

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