easy, breezy…

every long once in a while a band comes around that is able to translate a mixture of youth, energy and flat-out cool.  the last that comes to mind for me was vampire weekend, and before that the strokes.

smith westerns are my new favorite thing, and with just two albums under their belts, they’re merely scratching the surface.  dye it blonde is a perfectly polished sophomore record.  the melodies are light, the vocals are carefully nonchalant and the guitars are washed in seventies sounding garage-fuzz. 

i have to thank pandora for this one.  i was listening to pavement radio, and the little genome fairy in the computer somehow matched smith westerns to my ears…the rest is history. 

the video for “weekend” is a testament to being young and having a blast.  smoke a cigarette? ok!   lets cruise the mall.  wanna get nachos?  browse the cds?  get a sweet airbrushed jacket with the band name on it? yes!  shot gun a cold can?  im in!  click below and let it ride.



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