sad dudes and toy-dog lovers unite!

seattle, washington’s christopher mansfield writes and records as fences.  he looks like he’s on msnbc’s lockup yet he writes clever, sad pop songs like morrissey or one of my all time favorite bands, the honorary title.

mansfield is no slouch, as he studied music at the berklee school in boston.  fate brought him together with sara quin from tegan and sara and the two began digging through piles of mansfields tracks.  the result of that work is his terrific ten song self-titled debut.

there is a time when all you need is the quiet, headphone sound of someone like fences, or elliott smith.  yet, i’ve gotten away from it lately.  one listen to the carefully vulgar “girls with accents” and it  haunts you.  it’s the type of song that never sounds tired, regardless of how many times you hear it.  the singer-songwriter, folk-pop thing was my favorite a while back.  i used to joke and refer to it as sad bastard music, a reference to nick hornby and hi-fidelity.  i guess it has something to do with the confusion of being a young person.

gone are the sad bastard days, but what does remain is my love for thoughtful, introspective music that demands your attention and forces you to examine what’s going on in your own life.  fences is that type of music.  you can play it in the background, but somehow it becomes the soundtrack for right now.

click and check out “girls with accents”.  love the song and video.


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