i got a fever…

asher roth has made all the right moves since dropping “i love college” as his lead single a few years ago.  why not hit the ground running with an anthem that drunk girls and frat boys could smoke bongs to?  why not top the itunes singles chart?  why not make a boat load of cash on the strength of a goofy pop-song about being a slacker? 

the irony and the genius of asher’s early attack wasn’t crystal clear, since his skills were not the focus of his compaign.  asher roth is a dead serious mc.  you might not have gotten that from “i love college”, i know i didn’t.  but any doubt that he was a flash in the pan quickly faded away the moment i downloaded the greenhouse effect his first official mixtape. 

asleep in the bread aisle, his major label debut hit stores about two years ago, and since then he’s released another fantastic mixtape foie gras with quince and cranberry and the single “G.R.I.N.D” via itunes.  if the new track “more cowbell” popping up all over the internet is any indication of what’s to come, don’t expect the sophomore slump from mr. roth.

the song and beat is a homage to will ferrell and christopher walken’s “more cowbell” skit, but there’s nothing funny here.  asher is back in hungry mode as he rips the track for two minutes of the sharpest wordplay i’ve heard from him in a long while.  i think there’s a paul wall diss in there too…weird beef?  we shall see.

click and check out “more cowbell”.  mr. roth at his nastiest.



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