out with a bang

i heard original pirate material back in 2002.  i was in awe of this wiry, rambling brit who rapped about drinking, fighting and figuring out what his life was all about.  i mentioned him to a bunch of people and i kept getting the same response.  the cultural barrier was too much.  the slang was weird and different.  the accent was too thick.  what the hell is this dude talking about?

i was hooked.  next came a grand don’t come for free, a loose concept record about getting bombed and misplacing a bunch of cash in your apartment.  the record comes around full circle and details a breakup, a vacation and the eventual discovery of the lost loot.  interesting…and hidden in there somewhere was one of skinner’s biggest hits to date, the infectious “fit but you know it”.

the hardest way to make an easy living was skinner’s next full length.  he stopped rapping about the middle class because he wasn’t living among them..he was a celebrity, and that’s what the record is about.  the life, the drugs and industry.  “pranging out” is a classic cut.  everything is borrowed came next in 2008.  it was the first time i heard a real positive spin in the music.  it was a reflective, gorgeous record.

here we are, present day.  computers and blues is reportedly the final streets album, as skinner is ready to move on.  maybe he’ll make movies, or start a band.  either way his last hurrah is a throwback to the early days.  the beats are fast and frantic and the streets does what he does, detail life in his own odd, wonderful way. 

click below and check out “going through hell”, the first single off of computers and blues.  word up creepy bald guy.  word up.



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