the bright side

san luis obispo is a small city along the coast of california, halfway between LA and san francisco.  besides being located on the coast, it’s got lots to offer.  one of those gifts is PK. 

PK is a melodic rock band mixing equal parts the killers, the cure and hot hot heat.  they’re fun, fast and polished.  the kicker…they’re not signed.  it’s always nice to hear a band this good without a record deal.  it’s scary to imagine what these kids could do with a big label budget. 

a band this good ought to be signing the dotted line any day now.  so i’ll go on record by saying PK should be on a major by the end of 2011…just a hunch.

head over to myspace and check out “innocence”.  these dudes love the cure…and that’s ok.

then head over to and download their entire record for free.


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