time will tell…

lupe fiasco is an odd dude.  he doesn’t like curse words, he skateboards.  he runs a few clothing lines.  he’s critical of the government and of public education.  and every few years he raps a little bit.

lasers is lupe fiasco’s third record, and it’s a monster. i have to admit, i wasn’t sure if the success of 2007’s the cool would spoil things for lupe.  he prides himself on being unconcerned with the glamour and gloss of the mainstream hiphop world, yet the cool sent him on a fast track with the hit superstar”.  that level of fame should have rushed him into the booth to record a quick follow-up, the sort of record made for mtv.

yet lasers is not the cool 2.  instead,  it’s a smart, well-crafted record with the sort of lyrics that make you appreciate lupe as a thinker and as an mc.  lupe pulls no punches whether he’s talking about race relations, his mental health or the government.  he even flips the script on the first single “the show goes on” with a clever take on modest mouse’s “float on”. 

click and check out “words i never said” for a little glimpse of lupe’s state of mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obxZsu1RRIk  enjoy.


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