once upon a time…

there is strength in numbers.  this couldn’t be more true in hiphop.  there’s nothing i love more than a good crew.  la coka nostra are crew personified.  house of pain’s danny boy and everlast, along with a mean mc from boston named slaine and brooklyn’s illbill are the LCN. 

these guys are maniacs.  they talk politics, war and drugs and if you don’t like it, they don’t give a shit.  it’s that take no prisoners style that draws me to LCN.  not all hiphop is being made for the radio.  or the club.  it’s a return to hardcore music, uncomfortable and rough around the edges.

they dropped a full length, a brand you can trust, two years ago and continue to tour.  there’s a new record in the works.  all of their stuff is on itunes/amazon and for the nerds (like me), there’s plenty of mixtape material out there. 

boston.  brooklyn.  la.  stand up…that’s coke. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ECq3ec1vhw


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