and the winner is…part 2


lelia broussard, i’ m a fan.  she’s another contestant in the rolling stone “put me on the cover” contest… a singer-songwriter from louisiana who currently resides in los angeles.  she writes pop songs that are catchy enough to be on the radio but cool enough to avoid it.

when i heard broussard for the first time i thought of regina spektor.  similar voice, but more relaxed.  not so dramatic.  it sounds like lelia broussard isn’t taking herself seriously.  she seems to be explaining life as she sees it, her way.  broussard’s music makes me think of a female fronted counting crows.  and she’s cute.  all good things. 

her new record masquerade is loose and fun.  if you like her, vote her to the cover of rolling stone.  more importantly, go to itunes and buy her music.  better yet, order it from her website.

click here and watch “satellite”.  this song makes my toes tap.


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