and the winner is…part 1.

rolling stone, the king of music mags, is running a contest to put the “best” unsigned band in the land on the cover of their prestigious, glossy  bi-weekly.  kind of a big deal.

being the nerd that i am, i listened (closely) to each band in the running, hoping to hear something worth listening to and worth sharing.  lucky for me, i found a bunch. 

the first find is a band of hairy, country boys called the sheepdogs.  hailing from saskatoon, canada, the sheepdogs are what you’d get if you locked the allman brothers and my morning jacket in a studio with a case of whiskey and a few hours of tape.  i dig the unique mix of gorgeous three-part vocal harmonies and southern sounding boogie.  odds are the band has spent a few years studying the classic sounds of the 70’s.  

i picked up their latest record learn and burn off of itunes.  simply stated, it’s fantastic.  listen for yourself, and if you enjoy it vote these dudes on to the cover of rolling stone magazine.

i get a dazed and confused vibe off of this one…


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