welcome home

this has nothing to do with music, but that’s ok…because it’s my party and i’ll talk about the knicks if i want to.   i’ve been a knicks fan since i was old enough to consciously know what basketball was…i’ve played the game since i was a little dude, and all the while i’ve suffered while the knicks have been a terrible, terrible team.

that started to swing when the team welcomed amare stoudemire this past off-season.  he’s been great, but they’ve been a touch over .500 all year…nothing to do cartwheels over.  no cartwheels until now that is.

carmelo anthony, brooklyn born and syracuse educated (sort of) is now a part of the squad, and knicks fans…it’s finally ok to celebrate.  we’re on the verge of something great.  not necessarily this week or next, but just wait and see. 

so in the spirit of the knicks and the greatest basketball city (and state) in our country, here’s a little ditty from me to you.  it’s like that, because that’s the way it is…


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