leading the new school

lexington, kentucky wants you to meet emarosa.  a friend of mine introduced them to me a few nights ago, and their self-titled 2010 record has been spinning pretty regularly since.

emarosa play rock music in the vein of anberlin or circa survive, so i guess you could say post-hardcore?  post-something…who knows. genre argument aside, this band is very good.  the reason emarosa seem to stand out is their tremendously talented vocalist, jonny craig.  

kudos to their producer/sound engineer.  the record is mixed perfectly.  if it wasn’t the listener would suffer. jonny craig’s voice is stellar and is mixed so that we hear it right along side the soaring guitars and blasting drums.  emarosa’s music, while a bit rehashed, is quite powerful but its craig’s voice that demands attention.

emarosa is playing this coming friday at the chance theater in poughkeepsie ny, with chiodos and a few other band i’m too old to go and watch.  but, i may make an exception to see what emarosa have to offer live…if you live near by, come out and support.

click below for “we are life”.  golden pipes indeed.



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