shady business

eminem isn’t happy with the fact that his last record put him back on top.  performing at the grammy’s with dr. dre?  who gives a shit.  it’s not enough.  he wants more, he’s out for blood.  so what makes sense?  go out and sign some of the most electric mc’s on the planet to storm the industry and flood the market with true lyricism.

up next?  records from slaughterhouse and yelawolf.  crooked-i, joe budden, royce the 5’9 and joell ortiz form like the rapping voltron as slaughterhouse and who’s yelawolf?  he’s that white, mullet sporting, fire-spitting mc out of alabama; just scratching the surface of his talent.  and to be honest, slaughterhouse has an unfair advantage.  four mc’s of this calibur shouldn’t be allowed to team up in one crew.  it’s like lebron, d-wade and bosh decided to add carmelo to their south beach mix.  it’s just not fair.

marshall mathers has got interscope records by the bag and trust me, these first few records from slaughterhouse and yela will be no holds barred.  they will have the green light to make music on their own terms.  and we all know, eminem is not afraid to push the limits.

i can’t wait.  click below and check out “fight club”.  slaughterhouse is not playing.  it’s a stick up…everybody down.


4 thoughts on “shady business

    • rihanna did sing her ass off on love the way you lie…and speaking of rihanna, she’s the kind of pop star you should idolize. talented as hell, gorgeous and strong willed. she was born that way. (sorry-was that a low blow?)

      • ps. seven number one albums on the billboard 200 and according to soundscan, eminem is the best selling artist of the decade. no one has ever stopped buying his records.

      • Jeff. I agree that he is a big seller on Interscope. No doubt. However, he did use Rihanna cleverly to boost his sales here. The album would never have reached this potential without her.

        Second note to E: Delivery of rhymes awesome. However, lyrically, he sings with so much hate. It is a shame that America flocks to his Mariah-bashing, pathetically self-loathing attitude and uses it as a vessel to pull themselves out of “troubled” times.

        Though your facts are the truth on his album sales, it is sad that he is “idolized” for his lyrics. He may be one of the reasons there is so much hate and anti-patriotic ideals (esp. with politicians today) in America!!

        PS – Hope your enjoying your day off!!! 🙂

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