worth the wait…

i remember listening to is this it by the strokes all the way through about fifty times the first week i bought it back in 2001.  sounds obsessive, right?  i couldn’t help it.  there was something urgent about the sound.  it wasn’t reinventing the rock sound, or was it? 

the media gave the band the “retro” tag and the whirlwind of press began.  magazines stroked the strokes while haters claimed they were a flash in the pan headed for the depths of the dollar bin like their counterparts the vines, and the hives. 

on the heels of their 4th record, angles, the strokes have made it clear that the music will be speaking for itself.  “under cover of darkness” sounds like the record title suggests.  for the first time the band wrote most of the arrangements, while lead singer julian casablancas handled the lyrics and final tweaking.  and i have to say, i’m impressed.  sounds like five musical minds running around a recording studio with their instruments plugged in, meeting somewhere in the middle.  i certainly dig the loose feeling drum sound…a change from the tight, mechanical drumming of strokes past.

“under cover of darkness” is a blast.  click below and check it out.  and keep your eyes peeled for angles in march.  enjoy.



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