dont be a drag.

i tried to ignore this, i really did.  my intention for writing these posts are to talk about the shit that i like.  in fact, i cover the bands and artists that i respect and listen to.  i cover artists you might not know much about.  that being said, i couldn’t ignore this hype machine any longer.

i have heard and read a thousand articles about gaga’s new record and single “born this way”, due out sometime soon…i couldn’t resist.  i fired up the single and i swear to christ, i thought i was listening to “express yourself” by madonna.  this is a pure and true rip off.  the bass thumps, the message screams “i’m down with the gays and i’m proud!” and the whole thing stinks.

i’m calling you out gaga.  enough already.  the meat dress was amusing.  the stripping was alright, because lets face it…you aren’t that pretty, but you were naked, so people were bound to come and watch out of sheer curiosity. but this?  c’mon.

madonna did it first and did it better.  madonna was sexy.   you’re creepy.  marilyn manson shocked me.  the fake blood and oddball hats…you bore me.  in fact, you bore us.  you can say what you want about this chick, and trust me, i was on board with the whole creating an image/brand thing when she first broke out, but this is just annoying.

  if you’re going to steal, just remix it.  or cover it.  don’t throw your own cheesy raps (right around the 2:48 mark) on a massive pop classic and call it your own.  please go away…and take kathy griffin with you.

it’s tired.  it’s contrived.  and its headed for the top of the charts kids.  enjoy.

3 thoughts on “dont be a drag.

  1. Jeff. Going to have to disagree with you brother… For the first time, i am really gonna have to disagree with you.

    Re: The gays comment
    With us being in the middle of the sexuality revolution, WE need an icon still. Madonna is no longer relevant. She is an amazing business woman and “Express Yourself” was totally in that vain. I get it, but that was 20+ years ago. We need someone to fight our cause today and I will always form allegiance to someone who sticks up for our rights. Also, when gay marriage passes across the nation we can thank Gaga (not Madonna) for pushing this cause to the forefront. Madonna hasn’t done anything for gay rights in years. She is so irrelevant.

    Re: The fact that Madonna “did it better”
    This is why you should never go here. Madonna (though a great entrepreneur in music business) has shit for talent. I mean complete shit for talent vocally. Gaga writes her own music (much of which other artists have never even heard of today) and actually has a great voice. Not the hottest chick in music, but who is in the pop arena anymore. Christina is fat, Cher looks like a stroke patient, Madonna is old, Britney…no comment, and Katy Perry has more acne in a close encounter than a 14 year old boy going through puberty. I think you are just being a hater here.

    Embrace success. I know you covered Pop and I am so grateful for this, but come on. I expected better from you on Gaga.

    There are good things to come from her soon and you should give her a break. Shame on this posting. Agree to disagree brother!! Happy Saturday though!! Nothing but love!!

    • opinions are opinions and that is why we have the internet!!! i will stand by my words. lady gaga is cashing and laughing her way to the bank. her shock value is her saving grace. her music, though toe-tappy, is nothing more than 4/4 dance music. a casio keyboard, protools and a weekend locked away in my room could deliver the same melody.

      if she’s an artist then she should make art. not imitation hits.

      i have no choice but to firmly plant my anti-gaga flag.

      as for madonna having shit for talent, i’d have to diagree. if madonna didn’t kick down the door for performance pop, sexuality on stage and questionable content, lady gaga would be waiting tables during the graveyard shift somewhere in south jersey.

      • No offense, Jeff, but Madonna is just not relevant anymore. There have been so many copy cats in music over the decades…it isn’t even worth mentioning.

        However, important to point out is the amount of time it has taken for her to get to where she is (in such a short time) is truly testament backing up the fact that Gaga is the shit. Madonna built her empire in ~30 years. Gaga has made herself a comparison in ~1.5 years. Do the math, stop hating!!

        Also to nail my point home…Gaga has 3 Grammys in her first year and a half. Madonna didn’t win her first until RAY OF LIGHT (20 years after she came on the scene). So if you want to defunct the credibility of the average Grammy voter, then I would be much obliged to go there… Talent is rewarded early on. Done.

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