champion sound

i like words.  i like to write them.  i like to figure out how to spell them.  i like hearing them.  that’s why i love hiphop music as much as i do.  listening to an artist put words together is an artform…it’s a gift.  its a skill that plenty of rappers today do not possess.

jason newman is from minneapolis minnesota by way of madison wisconsin.  those of us familiar with his unmistakable cadence refer to him as brother ali.  and trust me when i tell you, this brother is a master rhymesayer. 

he’s whiter than i am.  born an albino, raised in rough neighborhoods all over detroit and wisconsin, he settled in minneapolis and rang everyone’s bell with a demo called rites of passage. after that tape  rhymesayers entertainment came calling and the rest is history. 

his wordplay is venomous.  he feels the music and rides the beat with a precision that most mainstream artists will spend their careers chasing.  no dances.  no punch lines.  no bullshit.  just a beat and a real mc.  it’s so refreshing it hurts.

click and hear “truth is” from 2007’s the undisputed truth. once you hear it, listen to any brother ali you can get your hands on.  truth.

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