the sound of change…

i heard this swedish band way back in 2003.  i remember seeing this gorgeous blonde belting out “we’re not living in america but we’re not sorry”… and i fell in love.  think a bleached out joan jett stuck somewhere between her love for punk rock and disco.  she wants to be pissed off, but more importantly, she really wants you to dance with her.

like most evolving bands, the sounds put out a few records and none were carbon copies.  they never flipped the script completely, but they weren’t afraid to test the waters.  you’ll hear nods to punk rock, disco and new wave on each disc, which helped the sounds carve out a nice niche for themselves.

2011 brings us “better off dead”, the sounds crack at dance-pop.  what the hell…it worked for no doubt, right?  2011 also finds the sounds on sideonedummy records, home to bands like gaslight anthem and jesse malin and the st. marks social. what’s nice about the sounds is they’re right at home with the pop crowd, still cool with the punk kids and seemingly built for the radio.  lets see where this year takes them. 

click below and check out “better off dead”.  warning: there is potential for spotaneous ass shaking during this one…


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