i heart miami

as i type this, we’re gearing up for two feet of snow overnight.  that’s right, i said TWO FEET.  i try to stay mad at those evil meteorologists, but i can’t.  i keep reminding myself that i choose to live in the northeast…so the snow comes with the territory.

miami florida doesn’t get snow.  miami gets sunshine and hazy afternoons.  miami get days so perfect and sunny that you don’t mind paying 8 bucks for a can of corona.  miami also breeds three-piece rock bands like jacuzzi boys.

jacuzzi boys play dirty, fuzzed out, surf rock so perfectly you’d think they were raised on the beach.  apparently they impressed jack white enough to record a live album at his third man studio in nashville.  they’re fun, they’re young and they clearly don’t take things too seriously….

click below and check out “smells dead”.  cheap horror flicks are cool.



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