welcome home

this has nothing to do with music, but that’s ok…because it’s my party and i’ll talk about the knicks if i want to.   i’ve been a knicks fan since i was old enough to consciously know what basketball was…i’ve played the game since i was a little dude, and all the while i’ve suffered while the knicks have been a terrible, terrible team.

that started to swing when the team welcomed amare stoudemire this past off-season.  he’s been great, but they’ve been a touch over .500 all year…nothing to do cartwheels over.  no cartwheels until now that is.

carmelo anthony, brooklyn born and syracuse educated (sort of) is now a part of the squad, and knicks fans…it’s finally ok to celebrate.  we’re on the verge of something great.  not necessarily this week or next, but just wait and see. 

so in the spirit of the knicks and the greatest basketball city (and state) in our country, here’s a little ditty from me to you.  it’s like that, because that’s the way it is…



philly rising

chidera anamege and noah beresin met at drexel university in 2008.  they bonded over a love of hip hop and indie rock.  clap your hands and say band!  the two formed chiddy bang, a hiphop collective unique because of their knack for clever rock sampling.  thank the lord for garageband… i want a record deal.

the group, though spring boarding off the internet buzz, are a bit more worthy than the run of the mill viral sensation mainly because this chiddy kid can spit.  parlophone, a branch of emi records based out of the uk, liked what they heard and signed chiddy bang on the strength of a MGMT sample heavy single called “the opposite of adults”.  only time will tell what their debut record might do, but for now…

click below and check out “rebel”…nice work kids.


leading the new school

lexington, kentucky wants you to meet emarosa.  a friend of mine introduced them to me a few nights ago, and their self-titled 2010 record has been spinning pretty regularly since.

emarosa play rock music in the vein of anberlin or circa survive, so i guess you could say post-hardcore?  post-something…who knows. genre argument aside, this band is very good.  the reason emarosa seem to stand out is their tremendously talented vocalist, jonny craig.  

kudos to their producer/sound engineer.  the record is mixed perfectly.  if it wasn’t the listener would suffer. jonny craig’s voice is stellar and is mixed so that we hear it right along side the soaring guitars and blasting drums.  emarosa’s music, while a bit rehashed, is quite powerful but its craig’s voice that demands attention.

emarosa is playing this coming friday at the chance theater in poughkeepsie ny, with chiodos and a few other band i’m too old to go and watch.  but, i may make an exception to see what emarosa have to offer live…if you live near by, come out and support.

click below for “we are life”.  golden pipes indeed.


shady business

eminem isn’t happy with the fact that his last record put him back on top.  performing at the grammy’s with dr. dre?  who gives a shit.  it’s not enough.  he wants more, he’s out for blood.  so what makes sense?  go out and sign some of the most electric mc’s on the planet to storm the industry and flood the market with true lyricism.

up next?  records from slaughterhouse and yelawolf.  crooked-i, joe budden, royce the 5’9 and joell ortiz form like the rapping voltron as slaughterhouse and who’s yelawolf?  he’s that white, mullet sporting, fire-spitting mc out of alabama; just scratching the surface of his talent.  and to be honest, slaughterhouse has an unfair advantage.  four mc’s of this calibur shouldn’t be allowed to team up in one crew.  it’s like lebron, d-wade and bosh decided to add carmelo to their south beach mix.  it’s just not fair.

marshall mathers has got interscope records by the bag and trust me, these first few records from slaughterhouse and yela will be no holds barred.  they will have the green light to make music on their own terms.  and we all know, eminem is not afraid to push the limits.

i can’t wait.  click below and check out “fight club”.  slaughterhouse is not playing.  it’s a stick up…everybody down.


dont be a drag.

i tried to ignore this, i really did.  my intention for writing these posts are to talk about the shit that i like.  in fact, i cover the bands and artists that i respect and listen to.  i cover artists you might not know much about.  that being said, i couldn’t ignore this hype machine any longer.

i have heard and read a thousand articles about gaga’s new record and single “born this way”, due out sometime soon…i couldn’t resist.  i fired up the single and i swear to christ, i thought i was listening to “express yourself” by madonna.  this is a pure and true rip off.  the bass thumps, the message screams “i’m down with the gays and i’m proud!” and the whole thing stinks.

i’m calling you out gaga.  enough already.  the meat dress was amusing.  the stripping was alright, because lets face it…you aren’t that pretty, but you were naked, so people were bound to come and watch out of sheer curiosity. but this?  c’mon.

madonna did it first and did it better.  madonna was sexy.   you’re creepy.  marilyn manson shocked me.  the fake blood and oddball hats…you bore me.  in fact, you bore us.  you can say what you want about this chick, and trust me, i was on board with the whole creating an image/brand thing when she first broke out, but this is just annoying.

  if you’re going to steal, just remix it.  or cover it.  don’t throw your own cheesy raps (right around the 2:48 mark) on a massive pop classic and call it your own.  please go away…and take kathy griffin with you.

it’s tired.  it’s contrived.  and its headed for the top of the charts kids.  enjoy.


erin go bragh

tonight, it’s my pleasure to introduce north coast, ireland’s very own under stars and gutters.  i heard this band and i immediately began reminiscing about the movielife, a band i have loved for many years.  i hate to throw around comparisons, because every band brings their own thing to the table, but these guys clearly understand punk pedigree such as hot water music and bad religion, and that’s not a band thing, what so ever.

head over to the death to false hopes records webpage (http://www.deathtofalsehoperecords.com/site/albums.html) and check these dudes out, there’s an ep up for free download.  the music is honest and loud with song titles that shout out whiskey…what’s not to love?

click below and blast “we want control”.  punk is alive and well folks, and i have a new favorite band of the week.


worth the wait…

i remember listening to is this it by the strokes all the way through about fifty times the first week i bought it back in 2001.  sounds obsessive, right?  i couldn’t help it.  there was something urgent about the sound.  it wasn’t reinventing the rock sound, or was it? 

the media gave the band the “retro” tag and the whirlwind of press began.  magazines stroked the strokes while haters claimed they were a flash in the pan headed for the depths of the dollar bin like their counterparts the vines, and the hives. 

on the heels of their 4th record, angles, the strokes have made it clear that the music will be speaking for itself.  “under cover of darkness” sounds like the record title suggests.  for the first time the band wrote most of the arrangements, while lead singer julian casablancas handled the lyrics and final tweaking.  and i have to say, i’m impressed.  sounds like five musical minds running around a recording studio with their instruments plugged in, meeting somewhere in the middle.  i certainly dig the loose feeling drum sound…a change from the tight, mechanical drumming of strokes past.

“under cover of darkness” is a blast.  click below and check it out.  and keep your eyes peeled for angles in march.  enjoy.