man’s best friend

ladies and gentleman, i introduce to you…larry and his flask.  this oregon based, country-punk band of happy misfits formed in 2003 and hasn’t looked back since.  catching an opening slot for the dropkick murphys certainly helped, but i believe they’re poised to do big things on the strength of their energy and talent alone.

pickin’ banjo’s, strong vocal harmonies and the stand-up bass are just a few of the puzzle pieces.  the flask seem to operate on their willingness to submit to their craft.  each song is performed like it’s the last one they’ll ever play, be it in a tiny club, in a theater or on the curb.  i’m amazed at how much they seem to love what they do. 

i have to admit, i’m drawn to them on the basis of their name alone.  i can’t count the times my friends and i have stayed warm or saved a few bucks passing the flask of brown water from palm to palm.  passion is passion, and these guys got it.  keep your eyes peeled for a show in your town.  there’s no way you wont walk away smiling…with or without the whiskey.

click and check out the flask, live curbside in NYC.

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