the hype is real.

i was having a typically shitty day about a 2 months ago.  i was speeding through my neighborhood on my way home from work in a state of general apathy when i flicked on faction radio (sirius 28) and caught this aussie dude in the middle of some fantastic rant about his dad, the way of the world, sharks and whatever else was raging between his ears.

i was intrigued.  i ended up sitting in my car, parked in my driveway for a few hours getting familiar with the future of radio.  lets face it, stern ran his course.  opie and anthony…c’mon, really?  jason ellis is the truth. 

 i remember watching the tony hawk gigantic skate tour dvd over and over when i was a teenager, laughing hysterically as this maniac dropped in from a box ten feet above a twenty-foot vert ramp.  he must have fallen on his face 10 times…that maniac is jason ellis.

shout out to ellis, rawdog, mayhem and the rest of the crew.  you make radio fun again.  subscribe to satellite.  it’s a fucking blast.  catch the jason ellis show from 3-7 every day on faction, sirius 28.  RED DRAGONS!

click below to watch pink punch ellis in the face, live on the radio!


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