first came the fire…

smoke or fire started playing music in the late 90’s in boston.  back then they called themselves jericho.  but apparently there’s a christian band with the same name, so jericho (the punk band) became jericho RVA for richmond, virginia…the bands new home.

the band changed names to smoke or fire and released a terrific debut album called above the city.  they followed that record with the sinking ship  and now this month’s the speakeasy. 

definitely a fun band.  i can’t decide who they remind me of, but that might be because they sound pretty unique.  maybe a little against me or possibly the loved ones?  what i dig is that even though the music is fast and aggressive, it’s obvious how much they enjoy melody.  subtle political messages, noisy guitars cranked way up, a bit of a snarling lead singer… but somehow it all works.

click and check out “1968” from the speakeasy.  enjoy.


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