staying power…

social distortion formed before i was born, in 1978.   it’s 2011 and they’re still going strong.  they released hard times and nursery rhymes this week, an album that solidifies the notion that social d has a very significant spot in american rock and roll history.

is it me or does mike ness refuse to age?  his trademark croon is in tact throughout the new record.  the new set varies between hard-charging punk and melodic sing-alongs.  there’s even a little emotion mixed into all that tough-guy swagger.  “bakersfield” is a really gorgeous tune about missing the one you love the most.

i’ve seen social d the last two times they’ve swung through my tiny city, and left each time thankful that i bought a ticket.  they seem to have figured out how to create music over the years that can unite different generations of punk music fans.  i love posting up at a social d show and watching the crowd.  there are soccer dads, math teachers, thirteen year olds with green mohawks…all walks of life.   catch them if you can, it’s money well spent.

check out “machine gun blues” live on kimmel.  up the old punks.


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