a.k.a STS

sugar tongue slim is from atlanta, georgia.  i first heard him rap on a song with the roots called “hustla”.  i thought he held his own with black thought, who’s one of the most talented rappers on earth.  since that guest spot, STS made waves with a series of mixtapes called demand more.  i’m currently spinning demand more 2 to death.  he also has an EP, sole music, floating around out there.

this kid is funny.  he’s actually funny.  i read an article where he said “there’s a lot of new dudes rapping these days, i’m just better.”  he’s not shitting you.  he’s witty like ludacris, he sounds like b.o.b and flows on and off beat like andre 3000. 

he’s joined forces with black thought, truck north and dice raw to create the money making jam boys.  they’re set to release a mixtape any day now.  STS is my new favorite rapper.

STS is now officially on the radar.  the last rapper who popped up on the glasshouses radar was yelawolf, who was signed by eminem’s shady records last month….big things happening for these young dudes. 

check out “the people”, see what the hype is about.



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