wax on.

ski.  ski beatz.  dj ski.  call him what you want.  i call him a beat mastermind. he crafted a few of the “classic” joints on jay-z’s reasonable doubt like “feelin’ it” and “dead presidents” and all of camp lo’s debut uptown saturday night. if you don’t love “luchini” there’s something wrong with you.

ski joined forces with dame dash (co-founder of rocafella records) to run/produce for BluRoc, which is part of dash’s DD172 art collective.  BluRoc records golden boy is a kid named currensy.  ski produced currensy’s pilot talk 1 and 2, which are two tremendous albums.

ski makes beats in a location called the 24 hour karate school.  his debut record for the BluRoc label, also called 24 hour karate school, is a testament to his talent.  the production is insane.  the record features currensy, wiz khalifa, jean grae, jay electronica, joell ortiz and mr. mos def.

click below and check out “cream of the planet feat. mos def” from the 24 hour karate school album.  it’s about as good as it gets.


and here’s a link to “luchini” in case you forgot what a classic sounds like.



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