exit 36…

2006, syracuse university.  a bunch of musically inclined kids start banging away on their respective instruments.  a faint buzz begins.  play a bunch of shows.  eventually barsuk records comes calling and the rhumb line is released.  go out on tour as support for a few decent bands.  headline a few shows in nyc.  and so it went for ra ra riot.  not quite world domination, but a very strong start.

next came album #2, the orchard.  its a wonderful progression for the band.  they are carving out a nice niche for themselves since there aren’t too many bands making music that sounds like this.  the difference is they’re really good, really soon. 

ra ra riot play pop music with a delicate mix of guitars and strings.  the cello and violin are often way up front, which is a nice change of pace.  wes miles, the man with the mic, leads the charge with a poetic, surging style that compliments the sound of a band that is confident beyond its years.

check out “too dramatic”.  now.



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