bang bang bang.

hard rock and roll is an odd art form.  it’s easy to dismiss due the buckcherry’s and the velvet revolver’s of the world.  but who can argue with a little acdc or aerosmith every once in a while? there’s something about those chugging power chords wrapped nicely around a really cheesy solo or two that makes me long for the days of backyard parties and bud cans.

i bring you the virginmary’s.  they’re from the uk and they rock like they were raised by a single mom who left them alone with a turntable and a crate of 70’s classic rock lp’s instead of a babysitter.  their six-song cast the first stone ep is fucking fantastic.  it’s really nice to hear a 3 piece band that makes this kind of racket.

click below.  bang a gong.


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