yes, it’s another year end list

it’s a new year! new plans.  new resolutions.  new opportunities?  one thing is for sure, there will be plenty of new music.  here a list of a few records i enjoyed this past year.  check them out if you please. 

against me- white crosses. green day meets springsteen.  punk rock with some old school attitude.  a major label record from a band known for mocking major labels.

aloe blacc- good things.  the marvin gaye of today. “i need a dollar” is one of those songs that needed to be written.

band of horses- infinite arms. northwestern band makes the best modest mouse record that modest mouse never made.

crime in stereo- i was trying to describe you to someone. long island hardcore band i was just starting to get into releases a seemingly un-hardcore record, then they broke up.

drake- thank me later. toronto singer/rapper tries to live up to the mixtape hype on his major label debut, and what do you know?  he absolutely kills it.

sleigh bells- treats. this is dance music for the zombie takeover.  noisy, fun, and a bit manic, they killed it live and sold a picture disc of the record at their shows. they earned major punk points for that one.

eminem- recovery. this album revived eminem’s career.  solid from start to finish.  WTP (white trash party) is a bonafide classic track.

jesse malin and the st. marks social- love it to life. this old school punk turned ryan adams-ish alt-rocker continues to impress me with his work. 

kanye west- my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. not nearly as bizzare as most of the reviews would have you believe.  it’s a great hiphop record from the chaotic mind of arguably the games greatest producer of all time.

make do and mend- end measured mile. this band and record came out of nowhere and landed on permanent rotation.  for fans of hot water music and the loved ones.

the national- high violet. the kings of mood rock returned with one of the most gloomy yet wonderful recordings of 2010.

kings of leon- come around sundown. move over bono, there’s a new band in line to take over the globe.  thank god.

nicki minaj- pink friday. she’s no longer a gimmick.  she’s no longer a money magnet for lil’ wayne.  she’s her own entity with multiple personalities and a strong debut that made me a believer.

ra ra riot- the orchard. this band came into their own on their second record.  they pull off the string-influenced indie rock without sounding obnoxious.  one apple commercial away from hitting the big time.

the roots & john legend- wake up.  one of the most soulful collaborations i’ve heard in years.  it’s the voltron of urban music.

the soft pack- self titled. san diego boys do their garage thing and do it with a dirty, stoner style.

the gaslight anthem- american slang. working man rock that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in asbury park in the 70’s. 

vampire weekend- contra. great record that’s equal parts punk and paul simon.  the more you hear it, the more it makes sense.

i’m sure i left out a bunch.  in all honesty, music was a lot of fun in 2010.  i just thank the lord i got to the doctor and had my shots in order to avoid catching a nasty case of bieber fever.


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