tony stark, from the isle of staten.

i bought the 36 chambers tape the summer before 8th grade.  i came back to school with some interesting outlooks.  these fantastic urban images were courtesy of nine of the most gutter dudes i’d ever heard in my life.  staten island was a little different from my two stoplight cow town.  from that moment i decided the wu tang clan were the greatest hiphop group in history.  and in my opinion, that’s never changed.

fishscales, ironman and supreme clientle are a few of my favorite hiphop records of all time.  all of them are from dennis coles, also known as the ghostface killah.  he and raekwon might be the most dangerous mc tandem ever, and that’s just 2 members of the wu. ghostface’s oddball style is a mix of stream of consciousness and off the top street-rambling.  it’s heavy on slang, full of innuendo but completely accessible. 

apollo kids dropped tuesday.  ghostface continues to operate as one of the most gifted mc’s in the game, yet you need satellite radio to hear him on the airwaves…par for the course i guess.

click below for “superstar”.  ghostface and busta…nice combo.


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