shell games? i’m in.

i don’t have to try and sell bright eyes to anyone.  you can either stand conor oberst’s preachy, sometimes whiny, introspective and occasionally brilliant song writing, or you can’t.  that’s your call. 

for me, bright eyes is something that takes me back to college.  i was an emo kid.  emo kids are sad.  and bright eyes is the king of the “sad bastard” scene.    his music has a way of tugging at your heart.  there is certainly a nostaligic quality in it for me.

after oberst’s stint with monsters of folk and that weird double album mess (the electronic one and the folk one), he’s back in band form and has released “shell game” as a free download at saddle creek’s website.  it’s a great song.  sort of rocking a rolling a bit..and i’m pleasantly surprised.  a little of the cure?  a little koufax maybe?  (go look them up).

i dig it.  click below and check out “shell eyes” from the people’s key slated for a mid-february release.


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