pass it to the left hand side…

the year was 1992.  i was a young man spending my summers on the outdoor basketball courts of naubuck high…the mean streets of hartford connecticut.  ok, so maybe naubuck was an elementary school, and it might have been glastonbury which is a pretty affluent town right outside of hartford.  either way, i spent my summers at my nana’s house, which meant life was free and easy as long as the sun was up.  the best part was that my oldest cousin lived there too.

those summers shaped and molded my audio obsession.  my cousin was deep into music.  so as any curious, sticky-fingered young person would do, i stole from him.  tucked tapes into my bag at the end of every vacation.  i’d bring them home and play them to death.  zeppelin, rage against the machine, nirvana, eazy-e, the chili peppers.  you name it, he had it.  i got a real eclectic crash course early on.

the chronic became the soundtrack to my summer around 1992 or 1993.  dre’s production was unlike anything i’d ever heard.  hiphop previous to this sounded robotic.  it sounded like machines pounding on synthetic drums.  dr. dre made music.  it was amazing to hear these tragic and somewhat ridiculous stories told over such intricate soundscapes.  to this day it remains one of my most favorite records of all time.

when will we get detox dre’s very own chinese democracy?  he’s been working on it for ages…songs have leaked…rumors have spread.  yet still, no record.  i guess we’ll have to make due with “kush”, the apparent first single.

check it out.  classic dre.


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