she did it on ’em


i try to stay off the bandwagon…as much as i can.  for instance, i fought the drake thing tooth and nail, but god damn that kid has talent for DAYS.  i like lil’ wayne but got fed up with him when it became overkill…for a minute he was everywhere thank goodness for jail, we needed the break.  i just never want to buy in when the next big thing comes around.  lets face it, hiphop is a fickle scene, there’s a hot new single and corresponding dance every few days.

about a year ago i found myself regularly saying nicki minaj was a fad.  she had no staying power.  she was enoying her 14th minute of fame, and so on and so forth.  i am certainly man enough to admit i was wrong. 

nicki built her reputation owning other peoples records.  she’s killed any track she’s been on.  check her verse on kanye’s “monster” a few months back.  her debut record pink friday is her official welcome to the game, and it’s a warm welcome.  it’s a mixed bag of fantastic.  some singing.  some legit hiphop.  some oddball pop music.  it seems like this gal is making all the right moves, when the rest of the game seems boring and a bit premeditated.

click to hear “moment 4 life” feat. drake.  well done kids.


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