ride with him…


gadsden alabama, welcome to the hiphop game.  today i bring you the most interesting character i’ve heard in a minute.  yelawolf.  yela’s a white-cherokee from the dirty south with a unique flow and a really, really unique look.

this cat wears some sort of styled mullet on his head.  torn tee shirts.  jeans with a sag.  before you shout the scenster tag, did i mention he’s nasty on the mic?   i heard his trunk music mixtape almost a year ago and i was impressed.  he’s spit it with raekwon, bun-b and big boi and has more than held his own.  a few days ago he dropped trunk music 0-60 which is more of an EP since 5 of the mixtape’s tracks appear on the record.

i have no idea who to compare this guy to.  he doesn’t get by on his white-rapper privilege card.  he doesn’t sound like eminem.  he isn’t rapping about killing people.  he’s a hard-partying, hard-living dude from the south doing something very authentic.  he’s starting to show up on hiphop’s radar, he’s coming.

click and check out “box chevy”.  smooth shit, you have to admit it.



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