i want that feel good…that real good…

backpack-rapping, indie band fronting, t-pain record label signing, solo record making, hard working motherfucker.  that’s how one might describe mr. travie mccoy. 

he’s been on his grind the past two-plus years, and finally, it seems to be paying off as his solo career is taking off.  award shows.  campus tours.  a hit single with bruno mars (try and deny liking “billionaire”).  there’s a lot cooking over at camp mccoy.

i caught his band, the gym class heroes, on a co-heading tour with the roots (i know…no idea how they got the CO-headline tag) about two years ago, and i was impressed.  if you can imagine, i’ve been known to be a bit snobby when it comes to watching live music.  my theory is, if you can’t do it live, you aren’t worth the time.  it’s too easy to polish turds in a recording studio. 

so while i was anticipating the greatness of the roots, i was also pretty sure the gym class heroes wouldnt be much more than filler.  i was wrong. dead wrong.  geneva new york stand up.  they can play their instruments and mccoy can move a crowd.

his solo record, lazarus, dropped earlier this year.  it’s pretty clear mccoy is intent on making music on his own terms.  there’s a familiar feel to his work.  some party nonsense.  some heartbreak.  some substance abuse.  some whining.  a whole bunch of smiling.  it’s the shit we all can relate to one level or another.

dr. feelgood makes me feel good. click below. bastards.


ps. who is bernie allen?

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