today, or yesterday technically, we’re supposed to give thanks and eat a ton of food and relax with our families.  weird tradition, but i’m into it.  i love thanksgiving.  i’m partial to my family even though they drive me nuts.

i was thinking tonight, while watching the jets dismantle the bengals, that there are lots of things i happen to be thankful for.  i know life is tough for a lot of us, and it has not always been a walk in the park for me either, but there’s still a reason to step back and take stock in what we do have.

every day i deal with young people and families that are far worse off than i am, and i think i take that for granted.  i guess i’m saying that it’s not that bad.  whatever that might mean to you.  i have a place to sleep.  the power is on.  i have music all around me that keeps me happy and sane.  i have a loving family.  i have someone special to spend my time with.  i have both my legs.  i guess it could be a whole lot harder. 

here’s a little number from a good ol’ american who wants us NEVER to forget what we ALL have to be thankful for….freedom. 😉

i’m also thankful that 200 people read my silly website today. you rule.


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