his fantasy, our reality

what do you want me to say?  i do not hate kanye west.  i don’t have any opinion about him as a man, a media whore or a water-cooler topic.  i don’t have a thing to say about his recent beef with G.W Bush, who called him “conway” which is fucking hilarious.  i certainly don’t care that he interrupted taylor swift’s speech because lets be honest, kanye is the best thing to happen to taylor swift since puberty.  she’s boring, get over it.

i don’t really care what kind of person kanye west is because we won’t be chatting over supper, or popping any bottles at the awards shows.  we won’t be talking politics or presidents or speeches of any kind.  the news briefs and the late night talk show jokes are stale and tired.

what’s not stale or tired is kanye’s new record my beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy.  it’s fucking fantastic.  for starters, kanye’s been dropping songs every friday (google search kanye: good friday) for weeks now, and they’ve been some of the best hiphop records of the year.  half of these songs ended up on the record, and those are the LEAST interesting tracks.

kanye pushed the envelope with his last release, 808’s and heartbreaks, so this time it was back to basics.  this is a is a hiphop record, through and through. the fact that pete rock and the rza lended hands certainly doesn’t hurt.

every time i hear another “kanye news flash” i laugh to myself.  he keeps his name current and releases music that the people eat right up.  asshole or marketing genius?  who knows.  right now, nobody is producing tracks like this.  dude is a genius behind the boards…it’s kind of scary.

here’s gorgeous from the new record, it features kid cudi and raekwon.  good music.



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