climb back up

bedouin soundclash are from toronto.  they play a warm hybrid of reggae/punk rock that i dig.  i dig it lots.  i guess i like it because it different.  it’s sort of like the stuff strummer was doing with the mescaleros before he died.  or maybe like something you would have heard from the police at some point minus stings trademark howl?

however you break it down, it sounds nice.  it’s relaxing to hear a band doing what they love, and doing it well.  it’s also a relief to hear something a bit different from the norm.  i first heard this band when i came across a record called sounding a mosaic  way back in 2004. 

their newest is called light the horizon and it’s pretty fun.  very mellow music with a certain urgency about it.  i know, how contradictory. 

check out “mountain top”.   it’s pretty.

and here’s some strummer because he’s fucking awesome.


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