they’re just some kids….

mac miller is currently signed to indie label rostrum records.  rostrum prides themselves on artist development, which is a fancy way of saying they back the shit out of their artists and wait for the best major label deal to come along.

mac has got talent for days.  i was blown away by his KIDS mixtape.  it’s so refreshing to hear someone rapping for the sake of rapping again.  for me, he’s a throwback to the 90’s when rappers were rapping for reputations. 

mac miller wants you to doubt him.  he wants you to say he’s too white.  he wants you to say he’s another eminem ripoff.  he wants you to talk shit so he can laugh his way to the bank.

mac miller will not be on rostrum records for long.  he’s coming…real soon.

ps.  the research says mac didn’t give credit to the production duo who made this instrumental.  bad business mac.  buuuut, on the flip side, he murders this beat and brings it to life all at once. enjoy-

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