nights like these


lucero opened for social distortion at northern lights in clifton park last thursday.  i’m sure we all love bands that link us to times in our lives. lucero are a forever link to my mid-twenties.  since i was bordeline obsessive about a few of their records, i made multiple attempts to see them over the past 5 or 6 years.  all things told, i’ve never expected much from their live show.

i have a few reasons for this.  #1: at the merch table they sell beer cozy’s with the phrase “the drunker you get, the better we sound”.  #2: they play additional encores if you buy them shots…i swear, i’ve seen this.  #3: prior to the set i had a brief conversation with lead singer ben nichols that went something like this…

me: i saw you guys at terminal 5 in nyc.

ben: really? that show sucked.

me: yeah, i tried to sneak a bottle of whiskey in down the front of my pants.  the door lady threw that shit in the garbage.

ben: yeah? the whole bottle? that sucks…and that show sucked.

my point? lucero are aware that they have off nights.  thursday night in clifton park was not one of those nights.  they sounded great.  it almost sounded like they were having fun.  they are also touring with a keyboard player who really fills out their sound.

for the first time i can honestly say lucero was fantastic.  the theme for the night…you guessed it.  ben said at the start of the set, “we’re just gonna stick to the drinkin’ songs”.  my question is, which songs aren’t drinking songs?

here’s a clip…see what i mean.  even when it’s bad it’s really fucking good.


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