it’s in the water, it’s where you came from

anyone who knows me, or who has listened to me rant and rave about music will tell you that i’ve been listening to the kings of leon since they released an ep called “holy roller novocaine” many years ago.  i was instantly into these dudes…the shaggy hair, the southern-dirtbag charm, the whiskey and cigarettes… the whole nine yards.

something funny happened along the way.  it’s wasn’t over night and it certainly wasn’t because of overexposure.  somehow they honed in on a massive crowd of frat kids and stay at home moms.  they wrote two monster singles, “sex on fire” and “use somebody”.  they became full on rock stars. and honestly, what’s wrong with that?

come around sundown, their 5th and maybe best record, is a fun but familiar listen.  it’s the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin.  you can quote me here, and you may not believe it, but someone asked me two weeks ago what i thought about the record.  my reply was something along the lines of “they’re ready to take over for U2 as the most popular arena rock and roll band in the world”.  this month rolling stone magazine thinks so too…but i said it first.

check out “pyro” performed on SNL a few nights ago.  gorgeous tune.

One thought on “it’s in the water, it’s where you came from

  1. you always had a certain knack for unveiling the next big band before everyone else realized they were the hottest thing.
    their song Manhattan is my ringtone. 🙂 def gonna get the new album. thanks for the post.

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