Jersey, Stand Up

GDP is a smart ass rapper from West Orange, New Jersey.  If you’ve never been to West Orange, it’s like South Beach…without the beaches.  I kid.  New Jersey raised GDP, and he raps like he reads a lot.  He raps like he ingested his body weight in drugs.  I don’t care what he’s on if he keeps rhyming like he does throughout Magic Bullet.   Pure fire.

I first really listened to GDP one night in Cleveland.  I was there on business and the people I traveled with were in bed by 10:30.  I wasn’t tired and I had some money burning a hole in my pocket,  so I plugged my earphones in and stepped off the curb to do some solo-exploring for a gram and a live band.

I ended up on a bar stool reading a local variety paper with Realistic Expectations pumping through my head.  I heard a young Raekwon with the complexities of El-P and a die hard love for Big L.  It’s a freakishly good record.  It’s been on heavy rotation since, and that was a year ago.

I heard this digital mix tape a few minutes ago.  If you’re a hip hop fan, you need to hear the tracks “Muzzy” and “Flamboyant”.  This kid is hungry.


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