we honor them..

I love the Cure.  there is something so innocent and electric about songs like “close to me” and “lets go to bed”.  there are a lot of bands these days that try to pull off that cute, “cure” edge.  lets be honest, some bands have made a career of it. 

there used to be one night a week at the Fuse Box, right here in my city, that allowed people the chance to ignore fear and shake it like a polaroid picture to the best jams of the 80’s and 90’s…but those days are over.  i’ve gotten long-winded and silly here…but there’s a point.

Los Angeles might be full of nonsense and pomp, but don’t overlook the music scene because it’s alive and well.  The Dear and Departed are a fantastic band channeling acts like the Cure and Alkaline Trio and doing it in a way that is both original and completely fun.  they bring the edge of today mixed with the nostalgia of old, seamlessly blending the two without sounding at all contrived or annoying.   you can dance if you want to…

listen to “tambourine love” off of Chapters.  it’s something that sounds so familiar yet it’s brand-damn-new.  enjoy.


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