Sunday Snacks Vol. 2

so this week my sunday snacks ep is dedicated to my main man “action jackson”  jackson is a friend of mine who lives and works in los angeles….yes, that’s right folks, he’s kind of a big deal.  he makes music videos for the famous, pain in the ass rock stars i spend my time writing about.

there’s no real reason for these songs, except for the fact that they’re fun.  “hawaii” by the strokes is a breezy, cool b side.  “scarlet begonia’s” by sublime is awesome to hear.  they were that good..unreal.  “this must be the place” by the talking heads is a song i had forgotten about and now that i’ve rediscovered it, i can’t stop playing it, constant rotation.  “c’mon” is by a great garage band from san diego called the soft pack.  and last but not least “run” by vampire weekend.  that one makes me want to pack up and head for the left coast.

click to download any or all of the above songs:

so here’s to you action jackson.  you’re alright in my book…


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