rage on

mr. rager is back.  post arrest.  post hbo show.  post fame.  he’s back to let us know that things aren’t ok.  things aren’t hollywood and reservations.  things are real life.  things are bills and car notes.  things are heart ache and rolaids. things are long nights and empty bottles.  things are what they are.

that’s why kid cudi fascinates me so.  he’s real life.  yes he’s a rapper, a rap-STAR even, and i get that.  yet he lives a life that non-celbrities can sort of  grasp (for instance, addiction and relationship hard knocks) but at the same time he’s a guy.  he’s a guy i might sit next to at the bar and chat with about the usefulness of a library card vs. a college degree.   or the reason jim beam is better than jack.  he’s just a guy.  a guy who figured out that doing it on a mic rather than a bar stool could raise a few bucks.

look for man on the moon 2: the legend of mr. rager sometime in the next few months.  i have that feeling…this one is going to be major.

click this and watch….i can’t get away from you 🙂



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