we still have our good looks…

brooklyn is not the cultural and musical center of the world.  repeat after me: brooklyn is not the cultural and musical center of the world.  that being said, there are a bunch of good bands working and living there nowadays.  there are also a shit ton of overpriced bars, skinny jeans as far as the aviator glassed eye can see and a million dudes with charles manson-ish beards.  *editors note: those dudes in skinny jeans with the serial killer beards are probably the dudes in the bands* 

les savy fav is one of those awesome bands representing brooklyn.  (say it with me..LAY-SAHVEE-FAHV).  tim harrington is the furry leader of this manic bunch, and their newest record Root For Ruin is a blast.  i don’t know what “genre” they are..so i’ll say they’re a rock and roll band.  they don’t sing all that pretty and i’ve heard better guitar work, but they have a blast getting it done. 

i saw these guys play some warehouse in brooklyn years ago (naturally it was as artsy as possible…i’m pretty sure a silent film was being projected on a wall and flowers were hanging from their stems from the ceiling) and it was fucking fantastic.  a fat guy in a skimpy bathing suit belting out tunes while doing jump kicks never, ever disappoints.

check below.  i guess myspace is still good for something.


im serious…check these guys out.



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