the business

mark ronson is a superstar dj.  i hate to throw that terminology around, but c’mon.  homeboy spun at tom cruise and katie holmes’s wedding.  i’m not saying i envy that gig, but you catch my drift.

ronson started dj’ing around nyc in his teens, and eventually landed jobs at some of the hottest spots in the city.  fast forward a bunch of years, a handful of perfectly produced tracks, a few award shows later and here we are.

ronson recently released a fantastic album called record collection under the moniker Mark Ronson and The Business Intl.  it’s a catchy name for ronson and a bunch of pals he likes recording with.  alex greenwald from phantom planet pops up a few times as does d’angelo (thank goodness, he’s been gone TOO long), q-tip, ghostface and even boy george.  yes. i said boy george.

the horn-happy sounds of his last record, Version, have been replaced with a wall of 80’s synths… and it works.  if “bang, bang, bang” doesn’t make you shake like you have ants in your pants, there’s something wrong with your pants and your ants.

fresh video. click below.

is there any doubt that q-tip is the coolest dude on the plantet??

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