what’s in a name?

the felix culpa (loosely interpreted as the fortunate fault, or so wikipedia says) is a tremendously talented band from the illinois/wisconsin border.  i wonder how a band as fine as this one, with a massive midwest following has yet to “chart” or make waves in the national scene?  well, relax.  i’ve personally invited you to join the felix culpa party.

post-hardcore is a silly description for nothing at all, in fact, the “labels” associated with music today have gotten awfully ridiculous.  i blame itunes for needing a way to “categorize” every single song in the world, but that makes me a hypocrite because i love itunes. 

but back to the task at hand…  music fans, or nerds like me, might make comparisons between the felix culpa and sunny day real estate or maybe a less-latin mars volta?  they write unorthodox music and aren’t afraid to stretch a song over the 8 minute mark.  and no, it’s not “noodling” on a guitar for 39 minutes like phish or some other granola band.  there’s some passion here, some real energy.

they have two records floating around.  Commitment and the follow up released this year, Sever Your Roots.  wouldn’t it would be nice to see these guys pass through upstate NY?

Click below and listen to “our holy ghosts” off of Sever Your Roots.


here’s a link to a sendspace download of “the first one to the scene of an accident always gets blood on their hands” also from Sever Your Roots. 



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