ten years worth of thanks walter…

ten years ago i heard a record called United By Fate by a band called Rival Schools.  my buddy Shawn put me on to these guys, as he has many, many of the bands that i’ve fallen in love with over the last decade.  there was something very urgent about these guys.  something fantastic.  and then, they stopped making music together. 

 Singer and guitarist Walter Schreifels, of Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand fame, did a bunch of stuff: notebaly Walking Concert and a recent solo record.  Drummer Sam Siegler played with, left and re-joined Glassjaw and played in the (not so) great band Nightmare of You with that whiny kid from the Movielife (not Vinnie).

ten years later i bring you, courtesy of Kerrang!, the new single and video from Rival Schools, “Shot After Shot”.  Here’s to the new video!  New record Pedals, reportedly due in early 2011.  my fingers are crossed.

check this shit out.



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