New Music: Dirty Dike- Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight


Dirty Dike hails from Cambridge, England. If you rap, he most likely raps better than you. The self-proclaimed alcoholic tosser recently unleashed Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight via UK imprint High Focus Records, keeping pace with his previous lunacy step for step while ushering in a sense of maturity that comes with a few years in the business.

To read my words is to understand that I’m a fan of rappers who simply stomp the hell out of a beat. Dike’s pedigree is deceiving, as you’d swear (minus the at times tricky accent) he’s from Brooklyn or Queens. For me, his knack for beat selection and wordplay make his records no-brainers. Take a listen. Click some links. Buy some music. You’re welcome.

Heat Check: Meek Mill- 4/4 Parts 1 &2


February is here…lots to talk about so let me put this in the air. Meek Mill has zero chill. Say he took the L. He’s this, he’s that. But the kid is resilient as hell. Drake dropped some weak stuff on beats radio a few nights ago and Meek immediately fired back with “War Pain”, one of the toughest songs in his entire catalog. It’s featured on part 2 of his 4/4 a series which he’s slowly revealing as we approach the release of Dreamchasers 4. Face the facts, Drake raps like he’s on vacation and just woke up from a nap on the beach. Meek sounds hungry…every single time. Enjoy.