Interpol- El Pintor

El Pintor, the 5th studio album from New York’s Interpol, sounds something like hitting 40 homers in a contract year.  It’s not as if anyone had written the band off quite yet; but they seemed to have faded into the crowded memories of music fans who once became enamored with the garage revival of the early 2000’s. What made Interpol stand out was their Mod Squad cool factor. Pissy and proficient, Interpol’s gloom juxtaposed their natural flair.

El  Pintor whips itself into a tight little frenzy reclaiming the Mood King crown.  “All The Rage Back Home” is a pitch perfect opener that beckons 2002 with a delicate balance of energy and regret.  “Same Town New Story” sports a haunting riff buried under swirling keys and a harmony that would make Bon Iver proud.  Re-imagining the band as a three piece took some time, but in true artist form El Pintor’s broad strokes illustrate Interpol’s exciting future.

Meek Mill feat. Mac Miller- ‘I Like It’

Meek and MacWhile you scream “Free MEEK”, I’ll just sit and wait patiently for his highly anticipated sophomore record, Dreams Worth More Than Money, while devouring leaks like this one featuring Mac Miller.

These two couldn’t possibly have more distinctly different flows, yet “I Like It” it works.  Mac destroys his verse, more than holding his own. Meek gets out of the lock up in October and should be finalizing DWMTM for a holiday release. Enjoy this one loud.



Welcome To New Lurk City


Lurking is an art form.  You move in the dark, intent on making a scene only when the perfect time presents itself.  Lurkavelli and his New Lurk City collective are plotting that ambush as we speak.  The visuals for “Everything’s Still The Same” had me caught up in his world of blurry cab rides and blinking project hallway lights.  Curious, I had to learn more about his movement. Our conversation took us through Lurkavelli’s reasons behind rhyming, the future as he sees it, and his strange new love for peach brandy.  Lets take a ride to the Lower East Side.

Shiny Glass Houses: Tell me about New Lurk City.  Sounds like a movement, but nothing in plain sight.  More like tight circles moving in the shadows.

Lurkavelli: We are a New York City based collective that does music, photo and videography, events, and clothing. New Lurk City was actually started by my boy Von (Brown), who left and made me in charge of the “brand”.  Now he’s my DJ and goes by ‘The Lurk Gawds’. New Lurk City consists of me, MiGS MiGSTER and Regular Guy V. It’s definitely a movement. We generated a strong following in the summer of 2010 through 2013 from our Beach Bonfires, kickbacks, and clothing events.  Then we went on a little hiatus to rebuild the brand and work on individual projects.

SGH: When did you realize rapping was something you wanted to pursue?

LV: I’ve always liked making music, but I didn’t take it seriously until like fall of 2012.  I was getting dope feedback on this one record I put out called “Keep Your Circle Tight” produced by Young Bodybag.  Also my dog Buddha Gold was putting the battery in my back. From then I decided to kind of change my image and speak on real situations. I wanted to start telling stories from my point of view, a kid who was born and raised in the projects of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Not too many people know what goes on out here, and they think due to the massive gentrification everybody was born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

SGH: When people dial in and really focus on Lurkavelli, what will they find?

LV: That I want to put them on to the gospel (laughs).  I want to actually tell stories and give people the real me, the real Lower East Side, the real Lurkers way, all while enjoying myself and having fun. They’ll also see I can be humorous. I have a few records on my project like “I’ll Put You On” where I talk about the girls I come in contact with via social media. They’ll also see that I’m real chill, very laid back. My flow is slow and loopy.

SGH: Do you prefer the energy of a live show, or the science of being in the booth/behind the boards?

LV: I prefer the idea of the energy of a live show. I say that because I haven’t been booking myself for many shows because I don’t want to over saturate myself and give people too much, too early. But the energy from a live show is dope, and to have your supporters feed you more energy from the crowd as they chant hypes you up. I feel like everything just stops and goes into slow motion.   All you can hear is the crowd muffled out.

SGH: There’s a ton of rappers up and down the east coast.  How does the LES shape the Lurk sound, and distinguish you and your crew?

LV: It’s untouched forgotten territory. The LES has a dope music scene that goes unnoticed. It’s crazy because every other part of New York from the Bronx to Brooklyn comes out here heavy because of the nightlife. But as far as the Lower East Side shaping our sound, I’m not too sure because we all don’t sound the same. It shapes our image more than our sound. We’re rowdier, darker, grungier.

SGH: What does the future have in store for Lurkavelli?  Releasing an EP or a full length project, planning some shows?

LV: I plan on releasing an EP and working with some dope producers. But before I release the EP I plan on releasing a few more visuals and records. I got this one record, “Everything’s A Go/New Lurk City”, (shakes his head), and not even to juice myself, but that record is fire (laughs).  After this project drops, my producer Young Bodybag is working on a compilation project with me and Buddha Gold.

SGH: Last but not least, and entirely customary around the Glass House, what’s your drink of choice?

LV: Water, I think I honestly drink too much of it! Liquor-wise, I would have to say Paul Mason Peach took it this summer. My boy MiGS put me on to it. It don’t need no chaser and it’ll get you wavy. I’m just upset they don’t sell a bigger bottle around where I stay. But yeah, Paul Mason Peach… definitely taste that before the weather changes.

Much love to Lukavellii for his time.  Look out for his EP and check out his official website for all news and release information.   Check for him on twitter @Lurkavelli.

The LES is lurking hard.

Ryan Adams Goes Dischord On 1984

It’s been a few years since we’ve been bombarded with multiple releases from Ryan Adams.  Looks like the 2nd half of 2014 will be a true return to form.  A new self-titled album is on the way full of quiet strumming juxtaposed with his love for razor tight Tom Petty flair. And somewhere in the middle Adams took 30 minutes to record 1984, his ode to punk rock and the days of Dischord and Touch & Go.

Originally this was released via 7″ through Pax-Am and it sold out,  so here’s the stream.  Bang your heads…briefly.

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz debut “Human Sadness”

After a whole mess of suggestions and snippets, Julian Casablancas has dropped with “Human Sadness”, the first single from Tyranny, alongside his new full time band The Voidz. Casablancas last gave us the nervy and oddly glammed up Phrazes For The Young back in 2009, and if “Human Sadness” is indicative of his direction Strokes fans should beware.

“Human Sadness” is a ten minute head scratcher full of distortion, laser blasts, and modem blips; Julian channeling Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music era.  Tyranny drops on September 24th, and is being supported by a lengthy US tour which kicks off in Philly on October 16th.  Get weird.

ABGOHARD drops “All I Know” Produced by Kemal

While the Inner City Kids prep their crew tape for a fall release, our thirst has been kept in check with singles leaking here and there from Aaron Cohen and ABGOHARD. Lucky for us, everything coming from this camp fucking bangs.

This one is courtesy of ABGOHARD with help from Think Watts and OG Skunkz.  The beat is handled by ICK’s Kemal, and it rings like a lost gem from the War Report b-sides.  Even if you’re rolling around with some rattling stock 6×9’s in ’02 Accord…let it rip. Keep watch for that ICK tape. Follow AB on twitter @abgohard1.

Video Premier: Kavyy- KGE Flow

Kavyy Gotta Eat

Harlem’s Kavyy has been on the SGH radar since he and I started premiering visuals two years ago.  It’s been fantastic watching his star on the steady rise.  This morning Kav’s back with “KGE Flow”, a preview off his next project #KavyyGottaEat dropping September 1st.

Co-directed by Kavyy and Mr. Davis, the clip is straight business. No flashing lights.  No rented cars.  No borrowed jewels. Just Kav hitting you over the head with bar after bar. Be sure and follow him @paperkav on Twitter and @ kavyy on Instagram for updates and info on his latest releases.  Enjoy.