NehruvianDOOM Is Coming September 22nd

It’s official.  Doom and Bishop Nehru will drop NehruvianDOOM on September 22nd.  The first official single is “OM”, which is Doom at his best.  The beat is nervous and frenetic, and Bishop can flat out spit.  If you’re a Doom fan you’ll be into the last ten seconds of this one, where it gets weird enough to make you believe there’s some interlocking story driving the record.  Let’s go.

Pre-order here ….and check out “OM” at maximum volume.

Stalley Heats Up The Summer

I know I’m beating a dead horse, but here’s another Stalley cut while we wait for MMG’s forgotten one to release his debut album.  This one bangs, if you can stomach the robotic whine of Wezzy, and once again highlights the Ohio MC’s knack for smoothing things out over the most rugged beats.  Great for lurking around on a hazy Sunday.

Action Bronson Stars In Ep. 3 of Fuck That’s Delicious

Action takes England by storm in episode 3 of “Fuck, That’s Delicious”, from Vice’s MUNCHIES channel.  This hilarious series follows BamBam as he eats his way around the world, and sells out venues along the way.  This trip we get a little taste from across the pond.  He’s got a real future in television if this whole rap thing doesn’t work out.  Shoutout to tossed salads and White Trash Bruschetta…

Homeboy Sandman Preps Hallways For Sept. Release

Stones Throw Records announced that Homeboy Sandman will drop his new album, Hallways, on September 2nd.  Along with the release, the Queens native will embark on a national tour this fall to support the follow-up to 2012’s First Of A Living Breed.  

I caught Homeboy’s live show a month ago and was blown away.  The way he calculates bars is downright scientific.  The lead single “America, The Beautiful” is another introspective look at the country through the eyes of one of the nations most talented wordsmiths.  Production on this one is from Jonwayne and it’s pure fire.

Weezer Heads Back To The Shack

Weezer is the band that will forever take me back to the summer of ’95.  I met a chick on vacation, and we made out in the lake.  That really happened, and the entire ride home I listened to “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”.  You call it melodramatic…I call it the stuff John Hughes classics are made of.

“Back To The Shack” is the first single from their upcoming 9th studio album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, and it’s channeling the awesome pop ghosts of Weezer’s past.  It’s awesome.  So turn it up with your windows down.  Happy July kids.

Mic Lanny and DeeJay Tone Present: Good Cop Bad Cop

Mic Lanny and Dee Jay Tone’s Good Cop Bad Cop is a picture-perfect representation of hip-hop in New York’s capital city. Albany’s a city of workers.  It’s void of the glitz and glam of Manhattan, and falls short of Brooklyn’s hipster standards.  What it’s got is a core of artists and citizens who are proud of the 518, and put on to stand out from the shadow of the Big Apple.

Good Cop Bad Cop is the sound of a young man finding his footing.  It works hard to distinguish itself from the “return to boom bap” niche that nerds like me hate to mention.  Lanny raps like the game is life or death, and makes no bones about his love for the gritty coast he calls home; but what sets this collection apart is the balance of showmanship on the mic and the go-for-the-neck production from DeeJay Tone.  When you sprinkle in fantastic local features and hilarious clips from the 2010 film The Other Guys, you’ve got a creative and dynamic piece of art that has real substance.

Pay a few bucks for the record you cheap bastards.

Lace Up For The Summer

July is in full swing.  If you’re in the northeast like I am, you’ve probably been experiencing a pretty unhealthy mix of brutal heat and torrential rain.  Luckily, there’s also been a handful of postcard-perfect days to show off your collection.  Here’s a few of my favorites from the past few months…summer style.

Packer x Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer “All Roads Lead To Teaneck Vol. 2″ –  Sure it’s a ridiculously long winded name for a pair of sneakers, but this is definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes in my closet.  The colors are insane, and you can walk in these for hours at a time.  They’re available here for $140

Jordan Retro 7 “Raptor”-  This is my second pair of 7’s, and they might be my favorites.  Originally released in 2012, they’re floating around online for $180-$200.  Check ebay, or kixify if you’re interested.  Great colorway and they feel great on your feet.

Air Jordan III 3 Wolf Grey Release Date 136064-004 (1)

Jordan 3 “Wolf Grey”- I picked these up after winning a raffle at my local House Of Hoops, and what sold me was having the shoe in-hand.  Everyone knows Jordan Brand is hit and miss with quality, but this pair is put together very well.  Nice leather and solid stitching throughout.  They’re not a fan favorite, so there’s plenty of pairs around for $170 retail.


Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider “Beach Getaway”-  This shoe is limited to 200 pairs, and puts a summer spin on a classic Sperry Top-Sider.  The shoe runs big so if you’re looking for a pair, I’d go a half-size down.  This shoe is fantastic in-hand, and perfect for summer relaxing.  Grab them at  There’s only a few sizes left.

Rock what you like, and enjoy the rest of the season.